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I believe I was appointed the 'A' Team. All of it Beginning with Charles Wolf,he's gotta be #1 in his department. In addition to Dawn Klumpp and ending with Anna Vira. Flawless process,Professionals,Knowledgeable and Courteous.. I wouldn't think of getting someone else if I need to do it again and will definitely recommend to others. The process was quick I had my own application where I could load documents required, this made progress... Read more

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After reading comments here about Quicken Loans, I want to back up the comments about closing costs. In my first loan with Quicken, I was also told that the estimates would change, not to worry. (?!) As it got closer to closing, I told them I would not pay certain charges...really had to be firm with them. I also did not want lifetime credit monitoring, or whatever else they came up with. But I did close that loan after sending them 90, ...yes,... Read more

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We applied for a loan on 4-29-16. Appraisal was not ordered until 5-5-16. The home was finally inspected on 5-20-16. The appraisal listed exposed electrical wires in unfinished portion of basement to be corrected, but we were not notified of this until 6-1-16. There were two pictures provided of these wires, one of a wire leading to a light switch, the other was a properly capped wire. An electrician and the home inspector from our state,... Read more

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